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“AL and his team at Brick City Catering did a wonderful job on the catering for an event we were at this weekend. I was most impressed with his professionalism and the amount of time he spent making sure everything was working out perfectly. The food is much better than your average fare and not what you would expect from a catered event. These guys also did a wedding for one of our friends earlier this year and I was impressed with their presentation at that event. They do not run a restaurant and only handle catered weddings and events.”

“Great Service and wonderful food! If you’re looking for a million dollar experience Brick City at Wenona Avenue Catering is the play to use!!!”


“This place is awesome! They did my Wedding and talk about service ! They were clean, fast and quite! The food was wonderful! I would recommend them for any event you have!!”

“We got to meet Al and do a taste test last night... Food was incredible! We are very excited to have Brick City cater our wedding. Al and his wife were great too. Very personable made us feel comfortable knowing we are going to have the best for our November Wedding!”
-Ryan & Jennifer



“Brick City Catering is amazing. The food is delicious, the presentation is beautiful, and the staff is wonderful. I love that it’s a family business, it’s really hard to find a place with good family ethics these days. I highly recommend Brick City.”
-Kayla Cadena



“I told these guys I would support their business and give them a great review if they did a great job for my wedding and they did and absolutely incredible job for us so here goes. Our first choice catering company failed us miserably. They screwed up the dates and double booked events but that’s not the bad part. Rather than to find a way to cover our event they called us with only two weeks notice and canceled. We were totally shocked but we had no choice but to scramble to find a new catering service and someone recommend that we contact Brick City Catering. We had never heard of them but in the crunch we decided to have faith and in the end they really did come though for us. Even my husband was impressed with their service and he used to own a 5 star restaurant here in Ocala and service was their big thing. The owners name is Al and he and his wife really made us feel special. They not only came up with some awesome meals for our guests but they really went over the top with their presentation and service. I was so happy with the way things had gone and so were my family and friends. My mom was also very happy with the way things turned out and she was most impressed with how well the meals were prepared. Most often catered events are pretty but they don’t taste very good. The chicken dinner they prepared was fabulous and my mom was asking Al’s wife if she would share the recipe she was so impressed with the flavor. With most catered meals they seem to sit in the heat box for along time and the meals are overcooked or mushy but the chicken was perfect and even the alternative meals of fish were well prepared. All in all the wedding was perfect and thanks to Brick City Catering the food was perfect as well. They really went out of their way to make this a special day for us and we are so appreciative of their work.”

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